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Bob Gaynor

Real name: Bob Gaynor
Country: USA
Composing since: Long time ago
Music style: Rock, funk, jazz

XG-MIDI files

Download in Windows: Right Click > Save As

Title Comments
Goin' back homeFunk jazz with piano, horns & distortion guitar
Goin' back home 2Same as "Goin' back home", but now optimized for MU-8, some distortion effect plus gated verb system effect
Locust DanceA rock-jazz tune written during the cicada invasion of '96
Mellow hombreMellow Jazz with a Latin flavor
PhunkAn 80's style rock-funk tune
Sir JoeChanges influenced by Joe Sample and the Crusaders, optimized for daughter boards
Sir Joe 2Same as "Sir Joe", but now optimized for MU-80
St. LeuA mellow-jazz tune named after a town on Reunion Island

These files are the copyright of Bob Gaynor, all rights reserved.
The files are freely distributed for personal, non-commercial use only.

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