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Gerry Ellenson

Real name: Gerry Ellenson
Country: USA
Composing since: Long time ago
Music style: Different styles

XG-MIDI files

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Title Comments
Changeable LadySwing. The lyric is just as much fun. All men have had the experience of trying to stay in step with changes in their women. I just had to write this.
Closing TimeBlues. A friend of mine, Ron Roos occasionally collaborate on songs. This is one of them. Original composition by Ron Roos. Re-sequenced and arranged by Gerry Ellenson.
For JazzyJazz. Jazzy is the nickname of my step-granddaughter Gizelle. I tried to capture her varying moods and energy levels (at age 2) as she bopped around the house fighting her need to sleep.
Gizelle's Lullaby WaltzWaltz. Originally composed for classical guitar 25 years ago or so, my step granddaughter, Gizelle ("Jazzy") inspired me to orchestrate the song. The music box sound lends itself to the tune much better than did the guitar.
I've Got Monsters in my HouseBig Band. I loved the cartoon strip "Calvin and Hobbes". Calvin and Hobbes were always plagued by monsters under their bed. Those characters and my step granddaughter, Jazzy, inspired me to write the tune. You'll find the timing and phrasing a bit off-beat. I ripped off Prokofiev and Bach a bit for spooky accents.
March of the TigersMarch. My stepson is the quarterback for the Ft. Hays State University Tigers in Hays, Kansas. I love marches, having played baritone in a high school band long, long ago. This was my first attempt at writing a march.
March to Dixie March. My music tells me what to do as much as I tell it what to do. This started out as a dixieland jazz piece but insisted on being a March. I didn't argue.
Merry Christmas to meWaltz. Written for my wife.
Nebula M-16Classical. This composition nearly drove me nuts, taking three months to complete. The inspiration was a particularly dramatic nebula (nebula M-16) which is giving birth to new stars.
QuarterbachClassical. I'm MAYBE 1/4 as good as Bach, and my stepson plays quarterback for a university in Kansas, U.S.A. Get it?
Requiem for AmberClassical. This is my lastest piece - a requiem for a beloved Sheltie I had to have put to sleep this year. Primarily an organ piece, it includes a piano introduction and a bit of French horn. Turn up the volume and crank up the subwoofer for Amber.
Spider BoogieBoogie. This is another collaboration between Ron Roos and myself. Ron composed the original song. I re-sequenced and arranged it in XG format. The piece uses some XG special effects.
Still Carrying the TorchTorch song
Vung TauAmbient. Vung Tau is a beach resort in Vietnam. I never got there during my all-expense-paid "vacation" in Vietnam, but I wanted to write something about the terrible sadness of the war. This piece uses XG sound effects.
WaitingClassical. "Waiting" is another song inspired by my time in Vietnam. I got through the experience by simply waiting until it was over. Originally composed for classical guitar, it works much better with piano, pan flute, ocarina and recorder.

These files are the copyright of Gerry Ellenson, all rights reserved.
The files are freely distributed for personal, non-commercial use only.

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