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Mario "Marre" Lindbäck

Real name: Mario Lindbäck
Country: Sweden
Composing since: 1997
Music style: Songs with personality and expression:-)
Collaboration project: Dharma Music

XG-MIDI files

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Title Comments
A very heavy and dirty guitar piece
BrothersCollaboration with Sascha Henken
DimensionsCollaboration with Sascha Henken
HopeCollaboration with Sascha Henken
RangerCollaboration with Sascha Henken
Running from the pain
The Ancestral WorldCollaboration with Sascha Henken
The walk
Two Minds RushCollaboration with Sascha Henken
Voices of the past
Waiting for my love
When the Light vanishesCollaboration with Sascha Henken
When the World sleepsCollaboration with Sascha Henken
WorldsCollaboration with Sascha Henken

These files are the copyright of Mario Lindbäck, all rights reserved.
The files are freely distributed for personal, non-commercial use only.

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