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Real name: Zyabreva Annah
Country: Russia
Composing since: Can't remember :-(
Music style: Classical, post-industrial, depressive, melancholic, trance may be? :-)

XG-MIDI files

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Title Comments
Ancient TimesAmbient
Beloved of MineLove song
Come into burnLove song. This file contains lyrics. The song is about cosmic expedition to Sun. For the first few days everything was allright but then becourse of strong sun radiation cosmonauts began to have hallutinations. They all comed out into free space and ... all died with terrifying torments.
It's just a SoundAmbient
La BellissimoAmbient
Last HeroCollaboration with MrRED
Lonely StarAmbient
Me and the SkyPsychodelica remix of the song "Sky and I"
No Fear No RegretsLove song, it's a song with lyrics!
Sky and IPop, ambient. Collaboration with MrRED. The song contains lyrics.
The Last OriginWet Snow Mix. Originally written by Nikolai Tikhonov, additional composing and mixing by Sc.
Think about...right nowAmbient, trance
Tinkled BellAmbient, trance
Zoom to OrgyAmbient, trance

These files are the copyright of SC, all rights reserved.
The files are freely distributed for personal, non-commercial use only.

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