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United Kingdom
Real name: Simon Morton
Country: UK
Composing since: 1999
Music style: Techno, trance

XG-MIDI files

Download in Windows: Right Click > Save As

Title Comments
Banjo HouseBanjo house is a cheesy banjo house number
Captain Pugwash
Dance for the dead
Diver downDiver Down is a song with a fantastic diving bass. I also used an analogue kick dropped down a couple of octaves to get that techno sounding kick drum, which I think is a lot better that the other XG sounds.
Dreadlock Santa
General Custards last stomp
House of CheeseHouse of cheese does exactly what it says on the tin. It's cheesy and housy.
Inside my soul
Lick the cheese
Little fuzzy ducks
Magic 1
PhatnessityPhatnessity is a phasey airy adventure, with a skanky bassline.
Ravi Shanka ShankaRavi Shanka Skanka. A crossover Indian and Turkish techno tune...
Russian Techno Sea ShantyA Russian style sea shanty techno nosebleed killer!!! Enjoy...
Spooky Jupiter
Stomp Stump Stamp Argghhh
Sunny ArchwaySunny Archway - I wrote this on a lovely sunny spring morning in North London - it is very mellow indeed!!
Take for a rideTake it for a ride - a nice driving tune!
Thai sunrise
Tunneling to TechnolandTunneling to technoland - you will need a shovel to listen to this.
Vondel ParkDuring my year in Amsterdam I was inspired by the Vondel Park

These files are the copyright of Si, all rights reserved.
The files are freely distributed for personal, non-commercial use only.

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