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Real name: Burkhard Jahnen
Country: Germany
Composing since: 1997 (XG: since July 2000)
Music style: Different styles
Website: http://www.soundsmith.de

XG-MIDI files

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Title Comments
Gastric JuiceElectronic, dance (see included text file)
Goodbye Space Port 55Electronic (see included text file)
Remix of a canon from IsraelFolk (see included text file)
Springtime BoleroClassical (see included text file)
Stray About WaltzClassical (see included text file), collaboration with Markus Deserno
This is the EuroElectronic, dance (see included text file)
When eternity keeps timeElectronic (see included text file)
Why can't this moment last foreverLove song (see included text file)

These files are the copyright of Soundsmith, all rights reserved.
The files are freely distributed for personal, non-commercial use only.

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