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Real name: Toshikatsu Mori
Country: Japan
Composing since: 1999
Music style: Fusion

XG-MIDI files

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Title Comments
A Christmas CardOptimized for S-YXG50
A Glass AutumnOptimized for S-YXG50
A Story of RainOptimized for S-YXG50
Bitter NightsOptimized for S-YXG50
Calmness NightFusion
Desert EagleOptimized for S-YXG50
Fading MemoriesPiano and strings
Gentle Love
Hard RainOptimized for S-YXG50
IndicationOptimized for S-YXG50
Jazzy NightLight Music, for S-YXG50
Lady J.Fusion
Lost Love
Love SicknessFusion, for S-YXG50
MargaritaFusion, for S-YXG50
Midnight RainPiano and strings
Moon on the LakeFusion
NegativePiano solo
NostalgiaOptimized for S-YXG50
PassionateOptimized for S-YXG50
Rain or ShineOptimized for S-YXG50
Rainy AlleyFusion, for S-YXG50
Rainy NightOptimized for S-YXG50
Romantic ValentineBosso Nova
Sand-laden WindOptimized for S-YXG50
Seaside RomanceFusion, for MU2000
Shape of DuskOptimized for S-YXG50
SophisticatedOptimized for S-YXG50
Sparkling OceanOptimized for S-YXG50
Starlight RomanceFusion
SweetloveOptimized for S-YXG50
TacticsOptimized for S-YXG50
Tree-line StreetOptimized for S-YXG50

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