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Comments by: David Cleland on Wednesday 7th November 2012:

I just found the XG Central site. Just brilliant. I have been fooling around with MIDI for years and have thousands of MIDI files. Thank you everyone for the wonderful contributions.

Comments by: Erik Swanson on Tuesday 8th March 2011:

Thank you so much for keeping this very valuable resource alive on the web. PLEASE - if you ever get to the "pull the plug" point - please contact me, as I will gladly grab the torch and keep this data alive on the web for the good of all us XG lovers. Thanks, Erik

Comments by Galova on Friday 21st January 2011:

Great news. This site and my midi are back!

Comments by @Zamba on Friday 22nd October 2010:

Hello everyone! especially to Bert that revives the most important site in midi music. Yesterday I had a feeling that seemed to be a re-encounter with the beloved disappeared after I see the site again by Google. Bert, congratulations for the initiative!!

Comments by Fireman on Sunday 25th July 2010:

Hallo there, long time no "see" !!!!! Hi Bert to you and all of my old Xg brothers.. Hugs from north Sweden...

Comments by Skip Jones on Thursday 24th June 2010:

Is somebody familiar with PreSonus Studio One DAW? I'm not sure how to make the most of XG. The DAW seems to seperate the "Instrument" frome the tone generator. (?). I've used Cubase and Nuendo. I am using a Yamaha S-08 into their hardware device (Project). Any input would be greatly appreciated. BTW I do like S1 and plan to continue to use it. Please contact me.

Comments by JD Harding on Monday 31st May 2010:

Wow, I'm amazed this site is up still.. or returned, or something. I'm also surprised to find my old MIDIs still here. Sadly, I don't write in the XG MIDI format anymore, but if you'd like to, you can link to my music, old and new, on my youtube page at: Thanks for keeping my music, and XG music in general, alive for so long. ^_^

Comments by Sascha Henken on Tuesday 18th May 2010:

Bert. You are awesome. Reviving XG Central for the good old memories :)

Comments by Technoid on Friday 14th May 2010:

Hello, just wanted to say how wonderful it is to see XGC back online. I purchased a Yamaha Waveforce 192XG soundcard in the late 1990's. I still have it running in one of my computers. I found the original XGC on the Internet and was pleasant to hear many artists using XG Midi. I am more of a listener than a player/composer, but I will sometimes dabble in the latter. It was sad to see XGC retire in 2002. But the quesion is now, why did Bert not stay with the domain? Instead it is now at Anyway, keep up the good work, maybe someday I can contribute a piece or two. ~technoid (Rob E.) (sorry, my website is crap and slowly rebuilding it).

Answer Bert: that domain is for sale now. I can buy it for more than 50.000 euro... Sorry I don't have that money. That's why I registered the new domain name.

Comments by Steven Rhodes (the Shadowfire) on Wednesday 21th April 2010:

Thank you for getting back in the game. If Yamaha would just develop 64 bit drivers for the SW1000xg I would be VERY HAPPY. Hell, if they would make a better XG card for my Windows 7, 64-bit system I would be the first in line to buy it. But at the very least they should give us 64 bit drivers.

Comments by Zulkifli Bin Noriman on Friday 26th March 2010:

Can Yamaha produce midi playback machine at low budget cost for soloist performer, as a backing track using USB slot to device?

Comments by Stefan Lindberg on Sunday 21st March 2010:

Great XG webpage :-) I'm not a composer but i do recordings of XG midis and upload to CVGM. More precisly here: So if you want any of the recording i uploaded there just ask me :-)
I can do more recordings by request if you want, i'm using MU1000 (with VL and AN plugin)... also have an MU10 for XG midis using QS300 voices.

Comments by DjScottO on Friday 19th February 2010:

Dude I Am Soooooo Happy You Brought this back! To Me Midi will never die! I Have been a fan of this site since wayyyyy back!

Comments by Sad-City on Tuesday 16th February 2010:

Working hard or hardly working ! Glad to see how it develops, with lightspeed and trumpets from Heaven above ... Sad City

Comments by Trond Olsen on Friday 5th February 2010:

Thank you for putting so much effort into the site! It's amazing how much "sound" you could tweak out of those little XG-devices. Over the duration of one year, my DB50XG kept me busy with patching instruments and making piano bars in Cakewalk. A gratifying piece of hardware to use, that made it easy to express yourself with. Not too simple, not too advanced. Trond

Comments by Sad City on Wednesday 3rd February 2010:

Welcome Back Cybert !!! Wish You good luck and all the best my Friend ! Itīs been a very, very long time ... good to see some people still compose on XG.

Comments by Sc on Monday 11th January 2010:

Hi, Bert!

Hello Everybody from Russia. I`m happy to see the XG-central back online.

Comments by John Garside on Saturday 9th January 2010:

Generally a good site but the addition of details on the MU128 and MU1000 and 2000 would enhance it, as would a mention of XGworks which is still the only "true" XG sequencer. I own MU1000s and MU128s as well as a selection of the PLG cards to go in them.


Comments by Filippo 'Hunt' Vicarelli on Wednesday 9th December 2009:

Great job Bert and Silver! ;)

Comments by Crackhead on Monday 7th December 2009:

Hey Mr N-traxx good to see you back man :) I think it's a great idea to compose some new music only thing is i don't own a sw1000xg anymore :( But i do make music with vst plugins and so one ;) I still have contact with Chris Holm aka XGener8or wich also was a member of X-Static (Cyrogenic before) you added me on facebook so we can talk further m8 great to see you back :)

Comments by N-Traxx on Friday 4th December 2009:

This is Holger Nyga, formerly known as N-Traxx from X-Static. It's nice to see that all files we made in the past are still online and available for download. Most of this Midi-Files are really good, worth downloading and worth listening. It's a littlebit sad that almost whole XG-Scene went down with closing the internet site from Michael Banz. I really enjoyed the time while composing for X-Static.

"Love Vision" was my very 1st midi-file that I composed for X-Static and if I remember right, it was the very 1st midi-file of X-Static that appeared in www. Rico "Crackhead" Bunschoten contacted me in mail to ask if I have interest to join X-Static, I said "Yes" and sat down to compose "this thing" within 1 night. It was one of the topmost best midi-files that I ever composed (imho). Another one was "Marsmobil" that got much response from community. But ... honestly ... best midi that ever was made while this time was the collaboration X-Static/Cryogenic Emotions named "Static Emotions". I only did some few seconds of composing in this midi, most of the time I was busy to adjust the drumtrack and volume that all pieces from different composer fit together but in the end it was... and it still is... one of the greatest midi files that ever been produced. Tnx again to Cryogenic Emotions!

Anyway ... When the XG-Scene went down I concentrated to compose for my own. I bought some Synthies (Yamaha AN1x and RM1x, Korg Electribe, Quasimidi, and so on) but this stuff never appeared in www. (Some of this stuff is only short samples but if you want then I can digg in my harddrives and send this by mail as mp3.) I got a new job in end of 1998 and I didn't had time to compose. Then I lost interest in making music. Some years ago I bought some guitars but I never forgot to search sometimes in internet about the "good old" XG midi files (still have my SW-1000). I have seen that some of them are still online in XG-Megatrade, I seen a internet site from Chris Holm (Cryogenic Emotions), I seen some of them in a spanish mobile phone ringtone portal (I really been angry with this ringtone portal because - you know - XG-Midi never sound in the same than Standard-Midi lol). Damn, I wish the XG-time can come back.

That's all for now my friend. Thanks very much to keep the XG-Scene alive!

Regards from Essen, Germany ... Holger Nyga

PS: If someone from X-Static or Cryogenic Emotions can read this then feel free to contact me too. Maybe we can bring a littlebit of this "good old" feeling back by composing another good song for the community.

Comments by Jim Dierking on Tuesday 27th October 2009:

Hi Cybert, it's fantastic to see that XGC is back. Wonderful work my friend. =)

Comments by ModeXG on Friday 17th October 2009:

Hi Bert, great to see that so many XG composers are back! Already listened great XG midis from others composers. Just amazing! Have a nice weekend!

Your friend, ModeXG

Comments by Laurent / Empheus on Saturday 10th October 2009:

Hi there!

Comments by XGener8or on Monday 3rd August 2009:

Nice to see the site coming back. I hope lots of the old gang will be show up for a reunion!

Cheers, XGener8or
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