Historical Yamaha recording- and add-on cards

PCI XG wavetable/ hard disk recording/ multi effects processing card.

Vintage FM Synth Plug-in Board for the SW1000XG.

Vocal Harmony Plug-in Board.

Virtual Acoustic Plug-in Board for the SW1000XG. This product is replaced by the PLG150-VL

Add XG and General MIDI compatibility to your existing synthesizer! This modular synthesis XG plug-in board gives you over 400 professional-quality sampled voices, from bread-and-butter instruments to familiar sound effects, as well as 12 extraordinary drum kits. Plus it provides 32 additional notes of polyphony and 16 extra multitimbral parts, allowing for the creation of fully orchestrated sequences. And because it supports the XG MIDI standard, you can use it to faithfully play back XG or General MIDI files using a MIDI sequencer. Home recording hobbyists in particular will find this plug-in board an indispensable addition to an existing keyboard setup.

Analog Physical Modeling Plug-in Board: Reproduce the fat and funky sounds of vintage analog synths! This board gives you a synth engine similar to the one featured in Yamaha’s amazing AN1x Analog Physical Modeling Synthesizer. On top of its full array of wave algorithms, resonant filters, LFOs, and envelope generators, it also has distortion and a 3-band equalizer.

DX Synthesizer Plug-in Board: Add the classic sounds of Yamaha’s world-famous DX-7 synthesizer to the S80. The PLG150-DX features the same 6-operator 16-note polyphonic FM tone generation system that took the synthesizer industry by storm. This board is a must-have for performing keyboard players and producers of contemporary music.

Piano Plug-in Board: For the serious piano player, this Plug-in Board is loaded with hundreds of painstakingly sampled piano and keyboard voices – from concert grands and uprights to electric pianos and harpsichords. Two piano boards can be used together, effectively doubling piano polyphony to 128 notes! For professional recording studios that demands authentic piano sound but don’t want to bother with a real piano, an S80 loaded with the PLG150-PF makes a perfect solution.

Virtual Acoustic VL Plug-in Board – The Virtual Acoustic Modular Synthesis Plug-in Board lets you create incredibly expressive, natural sounding voices by digitally simulating the physical characteristics of acoustic instrument. Thanks to its fabulous synthesis architecture, extensive real-time performance control of the voices is possible, making it the ideal Plug-in Board for keyboard soloists.

The DS2416 is the only computer card to provide a complete digital mixer with the power and sonic performance of the Yamaha 02R. Great to use with the SW1000XG.

The AX16-AT is a PCI card which allows the DSP Factory to be easily interfaced with a wide variety of professional audio devices including digital multitrack recorders, external audio converters, and digital recording consoles. Providing two pairs of ADAT-format optical connectors for transferring 16 tracks of digital audio to and from the DS2416 audio card at resolutions as high as 24-bit, the AX16-AT offers a broad range of interfacing options, including letting the Yamaha 01V mixer become a 24 by 8 front-end featuring 12 mic pre-amps with phantom power, faders, additional EQ, effects, dynamics processing and routing.

AX44 (Audio Expansion Unit for the DS2416)
Installs right into the drive bay of a PC tower and provides four quarter-inch analog inputs — two of which can accommodate microphones — and four quarter-inch analog outputs with an unprecedented dynamic range of 100dB, plus a stereo headphone jack. Two AX44 units can be connected to one DS2416 card to provide eight additional analog inputs and outputs.

The Multi Award winning daughterboard for Sound Blaster Cards.

ISA bus wavetable upgrade card.

YMF7xx chips
The Yamaha YMF7xx family of microchips is a series of audio controllers for use in personal computers. The last model number for controller chips used on ISA bus cards is 719; chips used on PCI cards start at 720 and higher. Chips for PCI bus standalone adapters are marked YMF7x4, while on-board or embedded solutions are marked YMF7x0. The YMF7x4 series features hardware-assisted XG MIDI synthesis with either 32- or 64-note polyphony, full-duplex playback and recording at any samplerate (internally upsampled to 48 kHz), external game controller and MIDI interface, and a legacy block for DOS application support.

More information can be found on Wikipedia.

MU128 Tone Generator
Unbeatable expressive power with 64 parts and 128 note polyphony. Even more expandability with up to three expansion boards. A super tone generator that opens a new era in music production. The revolutionary XG plug-in system allows you to expand the capabilities of a tone generator by adding boards for other tone generation or effect systems, and controlling the expanded computer via special software (plug-in editors for Xgworks). The XG plug-in "scalability" that is a hallmark of the XG format.

QY100 Tone Generator
If you're a guitarist, singer, or other instrumentalist who wants an easy way to create great-sounding accompaniment for practice or performance, the QY100 is for you! If you're an artist who needs a versatile song-writing tool for sequencing and music production, the QY100 is perfect for you, too! The QY100 is compact and battery-powered so you can even pop it into your bag or backpack and create and play anywhere, anytime!


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