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Long time ago, I guess it was 1996/1997, there was a small website of Cybert called "The Great MIDI Jukebox".
It was a very nice site with lots of XG-MIDI covers and some originals. This site was the start for the larger and better designed XG-Central.

The first XG-site of Cybert, The Great MIDI Jukebox

The original XG-Central has been taken over from a British guy called Neil Burton in April 1998, who wasn’t interested anymore in continuing his XG-Central. At that moment Neil Burton got his webspace by NB-Media, the company of Bert Koning. Bert (also known as Cybert) Koning took over the site and gave it a complete facelift. In July 1998 the site was re-opened for the XG-world.

On the link http://web.archive.org/web/20000819003507/http://www.xgcentral.com/ you can go back in time to the very old site (thanks for the link Hunt). And here you can find the LE (Light Edition) of XG-Central used by Yamaha's SoundWorld ‘98 competition...

XG-Central design in 1999, made by Cybert

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Yamaha SoundWorld '98 competition

In the same year, August 1998, XG-Central was invited by Sal Murakami of Yamaha Japan to enter the SoundWorld ‘98 competition. After a few qualifying rounds XG-Central ended as being one of the 3 best sites of the world!

On 21th September 1998 I won a worldwide contest of Yamaha XG Japan. I still love this message.

Hi Bert,

This is Sal Murakami of Yamaha XG Div. We held the XG SoundWorld judging committee, which was organized by Japanese famous professional musicians and creators, at Yamaha A.R.T artist relation studio in Shibuya, Tokyo yesterday.

Your work has been voted by so much people and always ranked at within best 3. The judges selected your work as one of the winners of musical enhanced web page category. Congratulations! I’m so happy to tell you about this. Your work was loved by many people!

Best regards and congratulations!


Hisanori “Sal” Murakami YAMAHA CORPORATION Digital Communication Group XG Division

I also got a video in the Japanese language ( I still need a translation of that) with a preview of the old XG-Central website, starring the good old track “Central XG” made by Crackhead. I shall convert that old video into a digital version on a rainy Sunday :-) And as a result, the contact with Yamaha Japan has been intensified. Sal Murakami gained a new Dutch friend called Cybert :-)

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XGC Contest 1999

In November 1999 XG-Central organised its own competition – due to the huge amount visitors each month: 100.000 - with the assignment “Who makes the best XG Midi of 1999?” Yamaha Japan supplied the prizes. Approximately 100 XG composers participated. After two preliminary rounds 2 winners were selected, who had produced very professional work.

The winner of the XGC Contest 1999 was Jim Dierking with his amazing composition “A Common Goal”. The 2nd place was for Happs (Alex Lashford) with his up-tempo track "Wargames". The 2 winners were also placed on Yahama’s MidRadio UK.

The end of XGC

In January 2002 I had to close the site, I couldn’t handle it anymore. On the site I wrote a last newsblog and I did it with a lot of pain in my heart… But in the same blog I also wrote "but don’t worry, someday I’ll be back with XG-Central..."

And I did, in July 2009 I registered the new domainname www.xg-central.com (the old one without the "-" is in use by another registrar and was too expensive) and I made a new start after 7 years. The new XG-Central.com is a memorial to all my dearest XG-friends!

The design of XG-Central in 2001, made by JRG (The Grid)


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